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Biomass products

We produce biomass with a low carbon footprint for heating and electricity production, and potentially also second-generation liquid biofuel in the future.

Our production site can store up to 150,000 tonnes of logs and 25,000 tonnes of wood chip and bark, and the deep-water berth allows the potential for vessels sized from 2,000 tonnes to 45,000 tonnes to discharge or load. The large storage space allows the wood to be purchased and stored over a period of many months, meaning that the wood is dried naturally to any desired moisture content, using no additional energy. This, along with our predominately hydro powered electrical cutter, makes our wood chip a very low carbon footprint product.

The timber used in the production is energy grade wood, considered a by-product from the forestry industry. Bent or narrow logs, cuttings and other residues unsuited for production of planks and building materials are dried naturally and used for energy purposes. Several larger heat and power plants in Denmark are transitioning from fossil coal to renewable energy, and wood chips from Statkraft is an important contribution to emission cuts in this sector.

Wood chips
Photo: Eivind Bull-Hansen

What we offer

  • A low carbon footprint biomass product
  • Transition from fossil fuels to a renewable energy source
  • Certified sustainable wood chip production
Boat docked by pile of timber
Location: Tofte, Norway
Photo: Eivind Bull-Hansen

Our production site

Currently, woodchip production is the most prominent activity on the old industrial site located at Tofte. Large quantities of Norwegian round wood are delivered to Tofte by trucks and cargo ships and timber is stored on location where the old factory buildings were.

The proposed biofuel production on the Tofte site through Silva Green Fuel will require a reliable supply of large quantities of wood. The market for the relevant wood qualities is currently good, and a well-maintained, long term contact with the forestry supply industries helps avert direct sales to the export market, thus ensuring availability of raw materials for Norwegian production in the future.

Crane above pile of timber
Location: Tofte, Norway
Photo: Eivind Bull-Hansen

Biomass sustainability

The sustainability of our wood chip production is critical for Statkraft and our customers. Statkraft Tofte is PEFC and SBP certified and undergoes yearly auditing of internal processes and GHG calculations to ensure compliance.

Read more about our sustainability credentials here

Get in touch

If you would like to know more about our wood chip supply, please contact us at

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